Hazardous Materials

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Hazardous Materials

"Hazardous materials are materials that their existence poses a threat on people's health,
their environment and their possession.
This threat is not limited to safety alone, but affects the earth and underground water, the sea and its beaches, and the quality of air, today and in the future".
From the Israeli Environment Protection site

Packing Goods
We consult our customers with regards to the packing of hazardous materials, including Box Compression Test (BCT) for cardboard packages.

We prepare Packing Programs to ensure the goods' integrity throughout shipping, storage and all the way to the customer's warehouse.

In addition, we conduct supervision on dangerous goods containerization.

Containerization of Goods – Loading of goods in Containers
We provide consultation for shipping of packed goods in containers,
and prepare containerization plans to maximize the amount of packages loaded into the containers,
while ensuring the packages stability throughout the maritime journey.

Safe Storage
We prepare Safety Programs for the establishment of warehouses for storing hazardous materials and general cargo.

The plan is based on up-to-date Israeli and international standards, and defines the specifications of the safety and security systems required for the warehouse establishment.

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