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"Chemic Engineering and safety Inc" provides for 17 years, consultation services, design and training for the Israeli industry and for overseas customers.

The company's operations are based on skilful and professional personnel, with up-to-date knowledge and commitment to provide top level service and solutions, to enable a fast response and reduce risks.

       We believe in providing solutions ASAP and according to need, in order to reduce risks at our clients' sites.

Our services

  •  Providing project/process / validation engineering services, through outsourcing.
  • Providing safety supervisors through outsourcing, to chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including management that comply with ISO and GMP requirement.
  • Investigation of fires and work accidents; we employ NAFI certified fire investigators.
  •  Consulting plants regarding process safety (including HAZOP), production processes, hazardous materials and ecology, including sewage treatment plants and industrial sanitary sewage. In addition, we perform sewage surveys and air pollution surveys and present them to the authorities.
  • We perform risk surveys for plants, warehouses for production process materials, prepare Saftey Plant Portfolios and accompany plants companies in their preparations for ISO 14000 certification.
  • Providing counseling and performing all activities required by the EU to operate the "REACH" system – registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals.
  • Counseling regarding safety in maritime transport of dangerous goods – we provide consultation to the Israeli Shipping and Ports Authority, ZIM shipping company and more.
  • Safety training (dangerous materials, fire safety, health and safety in chemical and biological laboratories, safety in working at heights, safety at production plants, first aid in factories).

Moti Freiberg, the company's CEO, is a Chemical Engineer and Safety Officer with 32 years of industrial .experience. He is an expert in maritime transport of dangerous goods and an NAFI certified fire investigator

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