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 Maritime Shipping Dangerous Goods

We serve as consultants to the Shipping and Ports Authority and and we lecturein their seminars.

1. Consulting to shipping companies, freight forwarding companies and industrial companies .

1.a. In transportation and storage of dangerous goods in containers and bulk, according to IMDG and BC Codes, with international Competent authorities.
1.b. In classification of dangerous goods, in order to reduce risks during sea transportation.
1.c. In providing preparation services for Dangerous Goods Declaration Forms (containerization forms) and supervision over the containerization process.

2.Consulting regarding safety in storage and shipping of dangerous goods in a chemical tankers, including the dangers in loading, storage and unloading activities.

3.Performing of the Packing and loading a Dangerous Goods Container Program– to prevent leakage during maritime shipping.
3.a Conducting an extensive survey regarding the package construction and containerization method.
3.b. Preparation of improvement recommendation, both of the packages, and in particular of the containerization plans.
3.c. Preparation of a summarized procedure and training the container packers.

4.Consulting in maritime emergencies
4.a. Emergencies in Israel:
– Our phone is manned 24 hours a day to answer questions regarding shipping of dangerous goods;
– When needed, we will arrive at the emergency location and provide onsite assistance .
4.b. Emergencies around the world:
– We accompany representatives from shipping companies around the world in maritime emergencies. Our services include answering questions and provide expert opinions.


Writing and updating procedures for shipping of dangerous goods, in accordance with the competent authority requirements in Israel.

Documentation from conferences of the Israeli Shipping and Ports Authority:
Seminar, March 2007 – Maritime Shipping, Treatment of Dangerous Goods and the Prevention of Marine Pollution– This seminar was dedicated to present the new structure of the Shipping and Ports Authority, risk investigation and management in the shipping industry, and MARPOL updates.
and CG8(a) – ANDLING OF HAZARDOUS AND NOXIOUS LIQUID SUBSTANCES (CHEMICALS) IN BULK IMOT notices for mariners and the and IMDG Code updates.

Day seminar, Nov 2008 – Transport of Bulk Hazardous Liquid Chemicals and Prevention of Marine Pollution. Emphasis in the policy of the Shipping and Ports Authority, review of CG8(b) requirement, international conventions and Israeli legislation in the area of maritime shipping of balk hazardous liquid chemicals, ship classification; Moti presented in this seminar a review of the processes of Tripartite Agreements.

Day seminar, November 2010
Shipping and environmental protection

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