Fire Investigation

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Fire Investigation

We conduct fire investigations of the following incidents:

Investigation of fire in warehouses/office buildings.
Investigation of industrial fire (chemical, pharmaceutical, and securitygovernmental).
Investigation of vehicle fire (gas/petrol, diesel, commercial vehicles, and vehicles transporting hazardous materials).
Investigation of fire in gas and electricity facilities.
Damage Assessment for events involving insurance for insurance companies who employs fire investigators to examine scenes that are the subject of an insurance claim.
When adjusters or examiners suspect a claim might involve fraud, they refer the claim to an our fire investigator.
Fire Damage Assessment for private bodies; Fire in an apartment, a car, a warehouse or a factory.

Chemical waste spillage on electric cable caused a fire;
The fire started as a result of spillage of waste that contained toluene and methylene chloride, solvents that are capable of dissolve the cable's plastic isolation and weaken its isolation capacity.
A spark form the electric wire's positive phase cord, which was placed unsafely in the fire area,
caused the organic solutions vapors to light up.

Fire Investigation Certification
The company's investigator is Moti Freiberg, engineer and certified by the American National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) – 2004

Membership in Professional Associations

  • Israel Association of Arson Investigators – member of the Review Committee
  • Israeli Safety Officers Association
  • National Association of Fire Investigators – NAFI
  • National Fire Protection Association – NFPA
  • International Association of Arson Investigators – IAAI

The surveys for mechanical breaks, product liability and contractual and engineering works are performed by an engineer, who had served as a senior surveyor at a big insurance company.

 From an interview on channel 10, following the fire in the Carmel forest, December 2010

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