Refreshing course for Air transport of dangerous goods

צור עימנו קשר

Refreshing course for Air transport of dangerous goods

 Air Transportation of Dangerous and Harmful Cargoes

ICAO Technical Instruction

The code for Air transportation of dangerous goods – ICAO Technical Instruction, defines that in order to implement successfully and to achieve the objectives of the regulations relating to Air transport of dangerous goods, all supply chain participants need to meet the regulations and risks arising from dangerous goods air transport. It is mandatory to undergo recurrent training every 24 months on the latest regulations and trends related to the carriage of dangerous goods.


We invite you to join us for Enriching & Important course. Re-validate your 24-month certificate with the latest ICAO amendments and directives related to the carriage of dangerous goods!

 Every participant will get a certificate recognized by the civil aviation authority and allows participants to perform professionally.


Course program: When and Where?
a.    Introduction to hazardous materials Date:
b.    The ICAO and its parts Target audience: People who work in shipping companies, exporters and every person engaged in the international transport of dangerous goods.
c.    Package settings, marking and signposting Duration: 16 hours, 2 meetings
d.    Practical exercise of preparing Dispatching statements Start time: 08:30

We are able to train the customer's Personnel in English.

The course can be performed in our training center in Petach Tikva or at the customer's premises.

 Our certified Instructor is Eng. Inbar Goldfarb which is certified by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI) according the "UN-ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air"  (TI 1;4.3 Instructor Qualification) – see the attached certificate. Eng. Inbar Goldfarb is also the D.G. consultant for the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI).

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