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Loading and Stuffing Containers

 Container Loading Supervision

The forces operating on cargo transported by sea, can influence the cargo safe arrival to it's destination.

Therefore the packing manner and quality are of utmost importance to increase the cargo survivability;
In addition, in order for the cargo to reach its destination unharmed, a correct loading and securing of the cargo's items inside the container are essential.

The Container Loading process is performed according to IMDG Code rules.

Container Loading supervision is done by an experienced and skillful container loading supervisor who is authorized to sign on the Dangerous Goods Declaration Form by the Ministry of Transport - Shipping and Ports Authority.

During the Container Loading process, the container loading supervisor verifies that appropriate means are used to prevent movement of the packages inside the container;

In addition he verifies the suitability of the labels on the packages and the placards on the container. Unfortunately, there had been, and still are, incidents in which containers are delayed in Europe and U.S.A ports due to improper labeling of packages and containers.

When transporting Dangerous Goods in a containerized form, each transport mode (sea, road, rail) requires relevant transport documents, which are specific to every Dangerous Goods shipment. These documents provides vital information to the transporting company and the importer, or the cargo receiver.

The Container Loading process must be done in compliance with the rules!

Furthermore, the Container Loading Supervisor examines the execution on site and approves it by signing the Dangerous Goods Declaration Form.


Container Loading Supervision
Container Loading Supervision
Container Loading Supervision
blocking Cargo to prevent  sliding
Cargo lashing
Container Loading in process
Performance of blocking Cargo to prevent  sliding
during sea transportation 
Container Loading in process -
An example of Cargo lashing during Container Loading


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